New Zealand vs Australia Test Series : SM Katich joins the select band of batsmen who have scored hundred in their 50th test

New Zealand vs Australia Test Series : SM Katich joins the select band of batsmen who have scored hundred in their 50th test

SM Katich, the Australian opening batsman joined the select band of batsmen who have scored a hundred in their 50th test. He scored 106 in the second innings of the Hamilton test between Australia and New Zealand on the third day. He was playing his 50th test

He became the 30th batsman in the annals of test cricket to achieve this distinction. He is the fifth Australian batsman, after RB Simpson., WM Lawry, MA Taylor and MJ Clarke to earn the distinction.

The break up team wise read thus – Australia {05}, England {09, India {05}, New Zealand {01}, Pakistan {01}, South Africa {04}, Sri Lanka {02} and West Indies {03}

No Batsman Cou Score Inns Opposition Venue Start Date
1 Simpson RB Aus 103 SI India Adelaide 28.12.1967
2 Lawry WM Aus 205 FI West Indies Melbourne 26.12.1968
3 Taylor MA Aus 170 FI South Africa Melbourne 26.12.1993
4 Clarke MJ Aus 103* SI England Birmingham 30.07.2009
1 Hobbs JB Eng 159 FI West Indies The Oval 14.08.1928
2 Graveney TW Eng 153 FI Pakistan Lord’s 23.06.1962
3 Barrington KF Eng 256 FI Australia Manchester 23.07.1964
4 Botham IT Eng 128 FI India Manchester 24.06.1982
5 Smith RA Eng 175 FI West Indies St John’s 16.04.1994
6 Atherton MA Eng 113 FI West Indies Nottingham 10.08.1995
7 Butcher MA Eng 124 FI Australia Sydney 02.01.2003
8 Pietersen KP Eng 102 SI West Indies Trinidad 10.03.2009
9 AN Cook Eng 118 FI South Africa Durban 26.12.2009
1 Umrigar PR Ind 112 FI Pakistan Delhi 08.02.1961
2 Gavaskar SM Ind 221 SI England The Oval 30.08.1979
3 Viswanath GR Ind 124 SI West Indies Chennai 12.01.1979
4 Kapil Dev N Ind 100* SI West Indies Trinidad 11.03.1983
5 Laxman VVS Ind 178 FI Australia Sydney 02.01.2004
1 Wright JG NZl 138 SI West Indies Wellington 20.02.1987
1 Javed Miandad Pak 280* FI India Hyderabad-Sind 14.01.1983
1 Cronje WJ SAF 126 FI England Nottingham 22.07.1998
2 Kirsten G SAF 134 SI West Indies Centurion 15.01.1999
3 Gibbs HH SAF 183 FI England The Oval 04.09.2003
4 de Villiers AB SAF 104* FI Australia Johannesburg 02.03.2009
1 Jayasuriya ST Srl 188 FI Pakistan Kandy 28.06.2000
2 Dilshan TM Srl 162 FI Bangladesh Chittagong 03.01.2009
2 Dilshan TM Srl 143 SI Bangladesh Chittagong 03.01.2009
1 Lloyd CH WI 102 FI India Bridgetown 10.03.1976
2 Richards IVA WI 109 FI India Georgetown 31.03.1983
3 Gayle CH WI 317 FI South Africa St John’s 29.04.2005

The following highlights are relevant to SM Katich’s feat of scoring a hundred in his 50th test. Javed Miandad scored hundreds in his debut test, 50th test and 100th test. He is the only batsman in the annals of test cricket to earn the distinction. Javed Miandad of Pak, GR Viswanath of Ind and AN Cook of Eng registered hundreds in his debut test and in his 50th test. TM Dilshan is the only batsman to register hundreds in both innings of his 50th test. He is the 25th batsman to earn the distinction of scoring hundred in 50th test. G Kirsten scored zero and 134 in his 50th test. CH Gayle {317} remains the only batsman to register 300 plus runs in his 50th test. KF Barrington {256} is credited with the distinction of becoming the first batsman to score a double hundred in his 50th test. GR Viswanath-SM Gavaskar {brother-in-laws} are the only related cricketers in this elite list.

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