India in Sri Lanka : Second Test : SK Raina's feat

India in Sri Lanka : Second Test : SK Raina's feat

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SK Raina made his test debut against Sri Lanka at Col-SSC in July 2010, the second test of the ongoing test series after making 98 one day appearances which is a record for a cricketer who was baptized into test cricket after playing most one day games,

Here is the list of cricketers who have played 60 plus one day games prior to making their test debut – SK Raina of India {98}, A Symonds of Australia {94}, AC Gilchrist of Australia {76}, Yuvraj Singh of India {73}, Shahid Afridi of Pakistan {66} and Robin Singh of India {60}

The following are the batsmen who have scored a hundred on test debut after making 20 appearances in one day games

SK Raina of India scored 120 vs Sri Lanka at Col-SSC in July 2010 after playing 98 one day games, SB Styris of New Zealand scored 107 against West Indies at St Georges’s in Jan 2002 after playing 45 one day games. Aminul Islam of Bangladesh scored 145 against India at Dhaka in Nov 2000 after playing 37 one day games, MJ Clarke of Australia scored 151 against India at Bangalore in Oct 2004 after playing 34 one day games, DSBP Kuruppu of Sri Lanka scored 201 not out against New Zealand at Col-SSC in Apr 1987 after playing 23 one day games, V Sehwag of India scored 105 runs against South Africa at Bloemfontein in Nov 2001 after playing 22 one day games and DL Houghton of Zimbabwe scored 121 against India at Harare in Oct 1992 after playing 20 one day games

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