Salient Stats of Match No 10 – Kolkata Vs Sunrisers at Kolkata on 14.04.18

B Kumar captured 3 for 26 in this game which fetched him an aggregate of 115 wickets in IPL and also 91 wickets representing Sunrisers Hyderabad. Hls tally of wickets in T20 games read 150.

Shakib Ul Hassan captured 2 for 21 in this game which fetched him a total of 299 wickets in T20 games. He needs one more wicket for his 300 T20 wickets. If he gets it, he would then become the fifth bowler in the  history of T20 games to capture 300 plus wickets. Others are – DJ Bravo {413}, SL Malinga {348}, SP Narine {321} and Shahid Afridi {300}

Shakib Ul Hassan’s run aggregate in T20 games read 4019 at the end this game and includes his 27 in this game. He reached 4000 runs when he was on 8 during his  knock of 27 in this game.

KN Willamson scored 50 in this game to provide the 22nd occasion of Sunrisers captain scoring a fifty in IPL. It is interesting to note that KN Willamson became  the second Sunrisers captain to score a fifty in IPL. DA Warner had scored 21 fifites as Sunrisers captain.


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