ICC World Cup 2019 – Match No 18 – Stats highlights

Match No 18 – India vs New Zealand at Nottingham on 13 Jun 19 – Match abandoned due to rain without a ball being bowled

Heavy downpour at Bristal caused the abandonment of the eightteenth game of ICC World Cup 2019 between India and New Zeland to provide the fifth occasion of an abandoned game due to rain interference without a ball being bowled in the history of the World Cup. All such occasions are tabulated below

No Team 1 Team 2 Result Ground Match Date
1 Sri Lanka West Indies Abandoned The Oval Jun 13, 1979
2 Australia Bangladesh Abandoned Brisbane Feb 21, 2015
3 Pakistan Sri Lanka Abandoned Bristol Jun 07, 2019
4 Bangladesh Sri Lanka Abandoned Bristal Jun 11, 2019
5 India New Zealand Abandoned Nottingham Jun 13, 2019

Sri Lanka has been involved in abandoned games on three occasions – against West Indies at The Oval on 13.06.1979,

against Pakistan at Bristol on 07.07.19 and against Bangladesh at Bristol on 11.06.19. Sri Lanka has been involved in abandoned games on most occasions.

Bangladesh has been involved in abandoned games on two occasions – against Australia at Brisbane on 21.02.15 and against Sri Lanka at Bristol on 11.06.19.

The ongoing edition of 2019 is the only edition to witness three abandoned games, while 1979 and 2015 editions had witnessed on abandoned game each

This is the fourth edition of World Cup being played in England – the other three editions are 1975, 1979 and 1983. 1979 is the only edition in England which had witnessed an abandoned game apart from the ongoing edition. Sri Lanka and West Indies game at the Oval on 13.06.79 was the abandoned game.

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