Teams winning a game on the last ball of the match in Indian Premier League

Teams winning a game on the last ball of the match in Indian Premier League

Mumbai won its game against Chennai on 01.05.21 on the last ball of the match in the ongoing IPL to provide the 30th occasion of a team winning an IPL game on the last ball of the match in the history of IPL. All such occasions are tabulated below

1Chennai4 wkts0188DelhiDelhi08.05.08
2Rajasthan5 wkts0146MumbaiJaipur26.05.08
3Rajasthan3 wkts0164ChennaiMumbai01.06.08
4Punjab6 wkts0154KolkataP Elizabeth03.05.09
5Deccan6 wkts0161KolkataJo’burg16.05.09
6Kolkata7 wkts0189ChennaiCenturion18.05.09
7Mumbai7 wkts0119PuneMumbai20.04.11
8Mumbai5 wkts0176KolkataKolkata22.05.11
9Mumbai5 wkts0139DeccanVizag09.04.12
10Chennai5 wkts0206BangaloreChennai12.04.12
11Bangalore6 wkts0183PuneBangalore17.04.12
12Chennai7 wkts0147RajasthanChennai21.04.12
13Mumbai2 wkts0174ChennaiMumbai06.05.12
14Punjab4 wkts0191DeccanMohali13.05.12
15Chennai5 wkts0159KolkataKolkata14.05.12
16Rajasthan3 wkts0185DelhiDelhi12.04.15
17Rajasthan6 wkts0128SunrisersVizag16.04.15
18Gujarat3 wkts0144MumbaiMumbai16.04.16
19Gujarat3 wkts0196Ris PunePune-MCA29.04.16
20Delhi6 wkts0159SunrisersRaipur20.05.16
21Ris Pune4 wkts0173PunjabVizag21.05.16
22Ris Pune6 wkts0177SunrisersPune-MCA22.04.17
23Sunrisers1 wkt0148MumbaiHyd-RGS12.04.18
24Delhi7 wkts0195MumbaiMumbai14.04.18
25Mumbai3 wkts0197PunjabMumbai10.04.19
26Chennai4 wkts0152RajasthanJaipur11.04.19
27Punjab8 wkts0172BangaloreSharjah15.10.20
28Chennai6 wkts0173KolkataDub-DSC29.10.20
29Bangalore2 wkts0160MumbaiChennai09.04.21
30Mumbai4 wkts0219ChennaiDelhi01.05.21

It also provides the sixth occasion of Mumbai winning an IPL game. All such occasions are tabulated below. Mumbai became the second team in the history of IPL to win an IPL game on six occasions after Chennai.

1Chennai4 wkts0188DelhiDelhi08.05.08
2Chennai5 wkts0206BangaloreChennai12.04.12
3Chennai7 wkts0147RajasthanChennai21.04.12
4Chennai5 wkts0159KolkataKolkata14.05.12
5Chennai4 wkts0152RajasthanJaipur11.04.19
6Chennai6 wkts0173KolkataDub-DSC29.10.20
1Mumbai7 wkts0119PuneMumbai20.04.11
2Mumbai5 wkts0176KolkataKolkata22.05.11
3Mumbai5 wkts0139DeccanVizag09.04.12
4Mumbai2 wkts0174ChennaiMumbai06.05.12
5Mumbai3 wkts0197PunjabMumbai10.04.19
6Mumbai4 wkts0219ChennaiDelhi01.05.21

Mumbai’s win provides the fourth occasion of a team winning a game on the last ball of the match against Chennai. All such occasions are tabulated below. Mumbai has won the game against Chennai on two occasions.

1Rajasthan3 wkts0164ChennaiMumbai01.06.08
2Kolkata7 wkts0189ChennaiCenturion18.05.09
3Mumbai2 wkts0174ChennaiMumbai06.05.12
4Mumbai4 wkts0219ChennaiDelhi01.05.21

There are only two occasions of a team chasing a target of 200 plus runs and winning the game on the last ball of the  match. Both the occasions  are listed below. Mumbai has chased the highest target of 219 to win thegame on the last ball of the match.

1Mumbai4 wkts0219ChennaiDelhi01.05.21
2Chennai5 wkts0206BangaloreChennai12.04.12
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